Aleemah Rubina Nafees

Rubina Nafees chose to start studying and learning Islamic studies in 2013 when she joined Zainab Center of New York. She is currently in her last year of becoming a full status Aalimah of Deen.


She has mastered and has depth understanding of Tafseer-e-Quran, Fiqh, Hadith and Arabic Grammar. 

In addition to her studies in Deen, she completed her Bachelors and Masters of Science from Hyderabad University, Pakistan.


One of her strength has been to give Bayyan based on Islamic knowledge and gather Muslim women to understand and study Deen. 


She hopes to continue her work of passing on the knowledge she has contained to everyone possible.

Aleemah Safiyah

Aleema Safiyah studied Quran, Hadeeth etc from Jameah tul Imam Moh'd Zakariyyah ,UK.

She has been teaching in different classes and programs off and on since then and she has lead regular Fiqh and Quran classes at various Islamic centers in Austin area